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About Us

Why Radixdent?
All details in this healthcare facility are carefully designed for our patients. Acting in parallel with the motto “health comes first”, our team is ready to support you for any dental issue.
Specialized and Dynamic Staff
Experienced and specialized dentists in their relevant branches. Patient satisfaction-oriented service approach with professional and dynamic team.
Modern and Technologic Center
Radixdent is ready to meet all your health requirements in a special, modern healthcare facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art devices.

Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center is put into service on December 2014 by combining all experiences and values of Dentalist Oral and Dental Health Outpatient Clinic (has been operating since 2011) and Maya Medical Center (has been operating since 2005).

The Center renders full-array dental services by young, dynamic, experienced and specialized staff. Patients are provided with flawless service based on modern technology, medical equipment and physical conditions as well as corporate infrastructure.

Our Center is also competent to deal with difficult patients, such as children, disabled people and seniors, thanks to worldwide recognized treatment procedures and operating theater equipped with modern devices. In addition, a comfortable treatment is facilitated for patients with dental phobia thanks to the sedation unit.

Aiming to render dental treatment services in line with corporate standards, Radixdent intends satisfaction of both international and local patients and success of treatment based on professional, administrative and medical human resources. The objective is to spread knowledge and experience through a chain of clinics and to change the perception of dentistry.

You can visit our image gallery or contact us for further details about our center. Our professional and experienced team will inform you about all issues in the field of dental health.