Medical Tourism Turkey


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Medical Tourism Turkey

Tourists can meet healthcare needs at destinations, while they play a holiday that includes traveling, having fun, local cuisine and accommodation. Nowadays, patients, who plan to fulfill healthcare needs abroad, prefer destinations based on accommodation conditions, treatment technology and cost. Turkey is at the center of the world in both geographical and cultural means and a successful country in health sector.

Medical tourism is actively performed in Turkey for all branches, especially dental treatments, hair transplantation and cosmetics. Turkey is one of the 10 successful countries in the field of medical tourism. Turkey, with a pricing policy substantially affordable than Europe and the U.S. when it comes to dental treatments, has a high success in patient satisfaction rates due to opportunity to have dental treatment in a shorter time and good-humored service approach.

According to the data announced by related governmental institutions, rate of international patients, who visit Turkey for healthcare needs, is ever increasing. In addition, share of healthcare expenditures in tourism expenditures increases by 3.6% annually.

Turkey has already complied with European standards in terms of technologic infrastructure, improved service quality, and shown a gradually increasing success in demand and satisfaction of patients based on stable pricing policy.