Öz says “You should never underestimate importance of dental health” AR

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Öz says “You should never underestimate importance of dental health” AR

Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center is put into service in Kartal. Opening ceremony of oral and dental health center attracts keen participation and Altınok Öz, M.D., Mayor of Kartal, get the center starts by cutting the ribbon. Hasan Uzunyayla and Metin Ağırman, Congressman Candidates for CHP, and members of CHP council, businessmen and citizens of Kartal participates in the opening ceremony. Company founders, who had already played roles in similar medical centers previously, aim to fulfill dental treatment needs of citizens in Kartal by specialized, young and dynamic staff. Offering full-array dental services in all branches, the dental health center provides patients with highest quality treatment services. Starting up with 30 personnel, the health center later recruited new personnel, resulting with 43 employees and 16 dentists.

“You should never underestimate importance of dental health”

Altınok Öz, M.D., Mayor of Kartal, makes the opening speech: “There is a saying ‘behind every great man is a great woman’; here, women are really great and successful.  I would like to congratulate them. I asked founders what they have been doing here. They do not only offer oral and dental care. Implant treatment is also available. More importantly, I asked if there is a periodontist, and the answer was “Yes”. We opened Cemevi Vakfı Pediatric Oral and Dental Health Center, but we could not find a periodontist. I congratulate them. They achieved recruitment. Do not underestimate dental health. A minor infection may directly influence heart and kidney. It may lead to many diseases. First of all, it impairs concentration of the kid. I, Mayor of Kartal, congratulate and thank these courageous entrepreneurs on behalf of citizens of Kartal, as they have opened such a business place at this economic-distress period. I wish this facility will be beneficiary for Kartal and I had slightly ignored my teeth, relying on the fact that bony structure of my teeth is strong. Some of you know. I have no native teeth after I underwent multiple operations last year. All my teeth are implant. I congratulate these friends, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, since they perform implant treatment here. I wish good luck for them” and congratulates these entrepreneurs.

Correct diagnosis for patient

Murat Akçakaya, one of founders of Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center, expresses the need to such health center in Kartal. Akçakaya: “First of all, I thank citizens of Kartal, my friends and tradesmen for their participation to the opening. We carry on healthcare business for a long time. Our dream has always been operating a major center, and in my opinion, Kartal has been in need of a dental hospital.  As an entrepreneur who has been operating two medical centers in Kartal for a decade, I believe that we need such a dental hospital. Oral and dental health center renders services in all specialty branches by 16 dentists and 43 personnel. Our hospital was recently started up with 30 personnel, but personnel shortage occurred due to heavy demand and we tried to recruit dentists and personnel in order to meet the demand. Currently, we continue recruiting dentists and personnel. We can make sound plans and correct diagnosis, since all specialty branches are available. Correct diagnosis has utmost importance for patients and therefore, patient prefers our hospital and demand increases. This demand of our citizens pleased us to date”.  

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