Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center is opened in Kartal


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Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center is opened in Kartal


While various services are introduced to Kartal by novel entrepreneurs, it is also rapidly progressing to become center of major investments in the field of healthcare sector.


All experiences and knowledge of Dentalist Oral and Dental Health Outpatient clinic that was founded in Kartal to serve patients by experienced dental staff and Maya Medical Center are combined and new institution is launched under name of RADIXDENT; the institution attracts attention, searched and preferred due to round-the-clock services.


 RADIXDENT is officially opened, which will cover a significant shortfall of Kartal by young, dynamic and specialized dentists and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon ÇİĞDEM ÖZÇAMUR GÜNEŞ, Dentist FATMA ÖREN and General Coordinator MURAT AKÇAKAYA.



Altınok Öz, M.D., Mayor of Kartal, participates to the opening ceremony and says “You should never underestimate importance of dental health. Symptoms that may appear in that particular small structure may result in future heart problems and kidney failures. I, hereby, express my gratitude to founders who made Kartal gain such a facility with no commercial concerns”.



 RADIXDENT appears to be a significant healthcare facility, where service capacity is tailored not only to serve patients from Kartal, but also Istanbul and even other countries.


Giving information about Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center, Dentist FATMA ÖREN says “


Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center is put into service on December 2014 by combining all experiences and values of Dentalist Oral and Dental Health Outpatient Clinic (has been operating since 2011) and Maya Medical Center (has been operating since 2005).


Our Center provides our patients with full-array dental services by young, dynamic and specialized staff based on corporate infrastructure and cutting edge technology, medical equipment, physical conditions and modern furnishing.



Our Center is also qualified to deal with difficult patients, such as children, disabled people and seniors, thanks to worldwide recognized treatment procedures and operating theater equipped with modern devices – a feature rarely observed in dental facilities in the country. In addition, it also has the ability to keep comfort and ease at utmost level during treatment of patients with dental phobia, thanks to sedation (colloquially known as “laughing gas”).



Our institution’s sole objective is to render highest-quality treatment services for local and international patients by following technology closely and institutionally adopted quality service policy based on good-humored administrative approach. Our target is to grow and enlarge spectrum of services in this end.

We owe our gratitude to valuable members of press who did not leave us alone today”.

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