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Recently, the role of esthetics in dentistry is ever increasing. Emergence of new technologies prioritized aesthetic procedures. Porcelain crown on metallic support, which has been used for a long time, is now being replaced by zirconium-based porcelains.

Zirconia crowns are superior to old-style metallic crowns in aesthetic terms due to the ability to transmit light.

Moreover, zirconium restorations are in good harmony with gingiva. In zirconium abutments, zirconium, a white alloy, is used instead of a metallic material. Zirconia abutments are natural and esthetic enough to be used in anterior teeth.

Why should zirconium abutment be preferred for porcelain crowns?

Zirconia-based porcelain crowns ensures total harmony with natural teeth, thanks to their light transmittance. Thereby, a perfect esthetic outcome can be achieved.

Since there is no metal reflection beneath them, no artificial look is noted, which is normally seen in metal abutments.

Their compliance with gums is far better than porcelain-fused-to-metal. Gingival discolorations, which are frequently seen in porcelain-fused-to-metal, are never seen in zirconium abutments.

It is not allergic, since it is a 99 percent tissue-friendly (biocompatible) material.

Perfect aesthetic outcomes can be achieved even in dark discolored teeth, since it can mask the shade of tooth that is erupting.

They are well fit on dental surface, since they are very precisely manufactured. Hereby, caries cannot develop, since no space is left, where bacteria can infiltrate, between zirconium-based porcelain crown and the tooth.

These healthy materials have no adverse effect on sense of taste and they do not lead to gingival problems or halitosis.

They can be safely used for both anterior and posterior teeth.

Zirconia Abutment in our Center
With zirconium abutment treatment in our center, you can regain your strong and healthy teeth.