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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

We send a doctor to visit the patient at home to diagnose and treat …

Periodontology (Gum Diseases)

It is a branch of science that deals with gum diseases starting with gingival bleeding and causing the tooth to shake and fall as it progresses and their surgical and non-surgical treatment.

Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry)

Pedodontist engaged in pediatric dental treatments and preventive dentistry; is a specialist dentist with specific training in child psychology, growth and development.

Endodontics (Canal Therapy)

It is provided to restore the functions, aesthetics and phonetic functions of the teeth lost with the prosthesis.

Orthodontics (Wire Therapy)

It is the section that regulates the malformations of the teeth and the relations of the jaws with each other (wire therapy).


We send a doctor to visit the patient at home to diagnose and treat …

Dental Radiology

Dental radiology is necessary to diagnose and determine the treatment process in dental treatments.

General Anesthesia and Sedation

This is not a general anesthesia, it is performed in the dentist's office, not in the hospital or operating room.