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Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride is an element that reinforces dental structure and increases resistance against tooth decays. Today, fluoride varnish is divided into two groups; systemic and topical. Topical procedure involves applying gel, foam or varnish on teeth in clinical environment. Toothpastes and daily mouth washes used at homes are examples of topical procedure.

In systemic implementation, person takes this element directly into body by consuming fluoride-containing foods, such as milk, table salt or drinking water, or using fluoride tablets. However, it is scientifically proved that direct implementation on teeth in clinical environment yields more effective results.

When and how is fluoride therapy performed?

It is a simple, pain-free and effective preventive method. Preventive fluoride therapy, which is carried out in the dental clinic, is available for patients, who need preventive therapy or have early-stage decays, and for children, who have no dental phobia.

It is recommended to be performed regularly between the age of 6 – the age when teeth start erupting- and the age of 12 – the age when eruption is completed - to prevent decays in permanent teeth. In children before the age of six, a preparation in form of polish can be applied, if the dentist determines that the risk of tooth decay is high.

During implementation, teeth are dried, fluoride is delivered to teeth, excessive material is removed with cotton pad or saliva suction, and the child is asked to spit for several times with no swallowing, if gel-type fluoride is applied. Patient is not allowed to drink water or eat food for one hour.

Fluoride Therapy in our center
You can have stronger teeth with fluoride therapy.