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Çekmeköy Branch

Çekmeköy Branch

Çekmeköy Radixdent Oral and Dental Health Center, Kartal branch after the same excitement and determination in 2018 we started to serve in Çekmeköy. Our Branch; With 15 dental units, general anesthesia and sedation units and equipped devices, we provide expert staff in all branches of oral and dental health for 7 days with the principle of patient satisfaction.

   With our general anesthesia unit; pediatric patients, adult individuals with dental phobia, as well as disabled patients complete dental treatment at one time. In the diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental health, we use the latest technological imaging techniques such as 3D tomography and panoramic x-ray.

   Our aim is to be able to leave all our patients with pleasure and make them smile. Therefore, we attach importance to patient satisfaction with our service understanding for 7 days.

   Our Branch; easy access to the subway, public transport or private car.