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Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology

Dental radiology is required in order to make diagnosis and determine the treatment period for dental conditions. Use of digital system improves image quality and remarkably reduces dose of radiation the patient is exposed.

Radiography plays a significant role in dental and oral health. Dental radiography can easily identify caries, bone losses and problems in root canal that can be missed in dental examination. Moreover, radiographs help dentists in orthodontic therapy and implants.

 What is panoramic roentgenogram?

Radiation doses given in panoramic roentgenogram is very small relative to other conventional roentgenograms. It is a high-speed, comfortable and easy procedure for patients. It is a high-speed, comfortable and easy procedure for patients.

Panoramic roentgenogram ensures visualizing many problems in teeth and jaws on a single film. Thus, treatment is planned faster and more precisely. It is required to identify cyst, caries and tumoral formations in maxilla and teeth that cannot be seen with naked eye. Dentists will certainly request to review those films before a surgical intervention. Surgery site is reviewed from a large perspective on the film, resulting with higher success rate of surgery.

 What is periapical X-ray?

It is a small film which gives detailed image of the tooth in almost original size. Bite- Wing X-ray: It is an imaging method that is used to diagnose dental cavities in interdental spaces.

Dental Radiology

All details are taken into consideration for the sake of patients’ health in our clinic, which is equipped with high-end devices.