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Botox Injection to TMJ (Jaw Joint)

Botox Injection to TMJ (Jaw Joint)

Botox Injection to TMJ (Jaw Joint)

It is known that chief complaint of people with bruxism is jaw pain, headache and neck pain in early morning. “Temporomandibular joint disorder” caused by teeth grinding in day time or while sleeping is manifested by pain that is secondary to involuntarily contraction of muscles that close the mouth.

Botox injection can successfully be performed for patients with bruxism (teeth grinding) who suffer facial pain and have difficulty opening mouth. Severity of pain is remarkably reduced in patients who receive Botox injection. Botox hinders uncontrolled power by preventing contraction of muscles, and therefore, muscular tension is reduced and pain in relevant regions is eliminated.

Botox Injections

You can rapidly ease your pains with Botox injections that are implemented by our specialized dentists.