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Tooth Whitening

Tooth shade is very important for individuals in terms of dental esthetics. In some cases, ideal tooth color cannot be obtained even with professional cleaning procedures, such as scaling and polishing, which are performed to remove teeth stains and tartar. In this case, color of tooth can be restored to the desired shade with a correct whitening procedure. Studies show that tooth whitening is extremely effective and reliable if it is performed under supervision of a dentist. Teeth and gum are no means damaged. Bleaching is a cosmetic solution that implies eliminating color organic and inorganic materials, which deposit in porous enamel on surface of teeth, using tooth whitening gels. Whitening technique involves applying a specially prepared gel on teeth and accelerating the reaction with a light source or a laser source. Mechanism of whitening process is in form of oxidation-reduction reaction. Materials used for this purpose release oxygen. The substances that cause discoloration of teeth are replaced by colorless ones, resulting with whitening.

How white can the teeth be?

Degree of whitening shows inter-patient variations, depending on the initial tooth shade. Two to six shades of whitening can be achieved in people with yellow shade; however, whitening of green or grey shades is rather difficult.

What are the points to consider in tooth whitening?

Whitening process should be started after neighboring tissues, such as gums, tongue and lips are carefully conserved. Concentration of the medication and dosing time should be adjusted well (bleaching gels contain various amounts of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide).

In some cases, patients can complain of mild sensitivity during or after the whitening process. The point is to perform all necessary steps of the treatment completely and correctly.

Tooth whitening process is a harmless and extremely effective method, when it is performed by dentists.

Tooth Whitening in our Center
You can get effective outcomes in a short time with tooth whitening procedure in our center.