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Treatment of Dental Caries

Treatment of Dental Caries

Treatment of Dental Caries

Dental plaques in the mouth that are formed by bacteria produce acid with the help of sugary foods. Those acids decompose and deteriorate the enamel tissue and cause the onset of dental caries and further formation of cavities.

Dental caries can easily be recognized, thanks to dark discoloration and cavities. However, decay cavity can sometimes remain unnoticed and dentists can make a diagnosis only with the help of diagnostic tools (such as dental x-ray). Dental caries can sometimes be seen at junction of dental tubercles or in neck of tooth (collum). Or sometimes, decays hidden in interdental area can be unnoticed for a long time. The chief symptom of tooth decay is pain that requires presentation of patient to a dentist. Pain is provoked by cold, hot, sweet and sour foods. Severity of pain shows interpersonal variation, and pain disappears when causative factor is eliminated. However, pain can turn into a chronic form, if tooth decay is left untreated. Additionally, bad breath can also be an alarming sign of tooth decays.

How do tooth decays progress?

Dental caries originate from enamel tissue and progress into dentine layer. Dentine layer contains more organic substance than the enamel. Therefore, dental caries spreads more rapidly in this layer. Progression rate of tooth decay varies by person and teeth. One should always remind that enamel and dentine are defense organs of the tooth.

What should be done to prevent tooth decays?
First thing you must do is to achieve good oral hygiene, followed by semi-annual dental visits and complying with recommendations made by the dentist. Oral hygiene has the highest priority for preventing tooth decays. In fact, tooth decay prevention is a matter of personal commitment. And all of us should be aware of the comfort that is brought by healthy teeth and healthy mouth.

Treatment of Dental Caries in our Center

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