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Treatment of Gum Diseases

Treatment of Gum Diseases

Treatment of Gum Diseases

Periodontal diseases are inflammatory conditions that affect gums and supportive tissue of teeth. Periodontal diseases account for 70% of teeth losses in adults. These diseases can be easily and successfully treated, if they are diagnosed at early stage. Prevention and treatment of gum diseases are accompanied by other benefits, such as protection of natural teeth, comfortable chewing and better digestion.

Gingivitis – inflammation of gingiva – is the first stage of periodontal diseases. This clinical picture is characterized with hemorrhagic, red and hypertrophic gums. It may not be seriously disturbing at the early stage. However, it can progress to periodontitis and cause an irreversible damage in gums and alveolar bone that supports the teeth.

Periodontitis is the advanced stage of periodontal diseases. Alveolar bone and other tissues that support teeth are damaged. A “periodontal pocket” occurs between the tooth and the gum. Presence of the periodontal pocket eases settlement of the infection and progression of the disease. Teeth get loosen or even extraction may be required when the disease progresses.

What are symptoms of the gum disease?

Gingival bleeding – spontaneous or while brushing teeth. Red, swollen and sensitive gums. Deformed gums that can easily detach from teeth. Presence of inflammatory discharge between teeth and gums. Loose teeth or gradual onset of diastema (formation of gaps or enlargement of gaps that have already developed). Misalignment between upper and lower teeth during bite, moving teeth. Chronic bad breath (halitosis).

However, periodontal disease may stay asymptomatic until it reaches advanced stage. Therefore, dental visits at regular intervals play an important role in early diagnosis of the disease.

What are treatment options for gingival diseases?

Treatment at early stage of gingival disease includes removal of attachments on teeth (plaque and tartar) and creation of a smooth root surface. This procedure eliminates bacteria and other irritants that cause inflammation of gums. This treatment is usually sufficient for adapting gums to teeth and eliminating the pocket due to shrinkage of the gum. In most of early-stage gum diseases, efficient daily oral care is sufficient for successful management, after tartar and dental plaque are removed and a smooth root surface is created. More advanced cases may require surgical treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to remove tartar and debride inflammatory tissues that are located in deep periodontal pockets, which surround the teeth, and to shrink and eliminate the pocket and create an easily cleanable gingival form by creating a smooth root surface.

After periodontal treatment is completed, patient should be regularly examined by dentists, plaques must be checked and new tartar depositions must be removed. Efficient daily oral care is the prerequisite for maintaining gains of the periodontal treatment.

Treatment of Gum Diseases in our Center

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