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Endodontics (Canal Therapy)

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Canal treatment implies removal of inflammatory or dead dental pulp that causes toothache, abscess and cyst formation from root canals and completely filling the resultant space with a non-hazardous, tissue-friendly substance.

The dental “pulp” is the part of tooth, where neurovascular bundle – a layer that ensures viability of tooth – is located beneath enamel and dentin layers. This compartment is referred as “pulp chamber” on the crown and it extends down to root of tooth. If the pulp gets inflamed due to a reason whatsoever, dental pulp is removed and canals should be cleaned and filled.


What are the symptoms of teeth that require canal treatment?

Symptoms include cold and hot sensitivity followed by pain, night pain, spontaneous (idiopathic) pain, abscess, swelling, trauma-induced tooth fracture and discoloration of teeth.

 What happens if canal treatment is not performed?

Pulp, which is neural tissue of tooth, is not able to make self-recovery in deep caries or deep tooth fractures and viability of tooth is lost. Non-viable tooth transforms into an infectious focus. At this stage, canal therapy should immediately be carried out by dentist. If canal therapy is not performed, infection may spread down to tissues at the tip and periphery of the root. It causes loss of bone at the locus by inflaming the jaw bone that surrounds root of the tooth. Canal treatment of teeth at this phase may require more complicated and longer procedures. In case of negligence, disappointing results may occur, even including loss of teeth.

 Endodontics in our clinic

Necessary interventions can be performed by our specialist dentists, if the condition is early diagnosed and managed before loss of teeth occurs.